What Does This Have To Do With Art?

What do you want? In your life? From your surroundings?

If I were to ask you that, even if I were to put it more mildly; "What are your concerns? Do you have questions for my candidate?" In my experience, no one wants to put themselves on the line. "I care about health care. I don't have insurance and I don't know what to do. My electric bill is too high. My road needs paving. My kid's school buses are unsafe. Are gas prices going up?"

Do you know that the people you elect to the legislature of your state, whether you vote or not, whether you care or not are responsible for the environment in which you live? If it's hard to vote because you're black or Hispanic, if the schools in your area allow your girls to play sports or your boy who dresses funny to come to school (and support him while he's there), or even if you go to the police station thinking you'll get help and you don't - these are the policies put into place by the commissioners, judges, senators, and treasurers you have put in place.

Sometimes they are there because you didn't vote. Maybe it was a mid-term election, or "just" a town or county election and you thought you'd do something else. Sometimes you don't know who to vote for, who would/could serve your interest and you didn't/wouldn't/couldn't go to the polls because . . .

Every person elected to government - local and national - makes decisions for all of us every day, including weekends sometimes. They bring integrity or deception, they take away and they give. Every single one of them has gotten where they are by a few votes.

Know what you want? Have a complaint? Speak up and out. VOTE!

Oh, and I'm not doing much art because I'm out making calls and knocking on doors. You can leave me a message or come to the polls where I'll be working on Nov 6th.