Twelfth Month

Lately I’ve not been finding too many friends in history. After the November elections I wanted to write about how much better it used to be.

I did some research, looked up Aristotle, Copernicus, a few golden ages and a renaissance or two only to find a lot of human foibles expressed and not as much wisdom as I was hoping to find.

In fact I found that we are better today. I also know that we do not always hear or know about all the small acts of courage, the gentle touch, the passing of a smile, a clear and profound desire for clarity.

These can escape the deadline, the editor’s knife, the eye of the beholder.

You and I, we are stuck here and now. In the moment. What to do, what to do?

I started by taking my eyes off the past and giving the present a look. My dogs Sadie and Georgi and Henri are very helpful. Guinnie is downstairs on her bed and is fine in this present but the moment I look around the other three stand up and see me back. I keep my focus on the present and notice how beautiful each one is. Eyes of love could not have better representation.

I notice there is heat on a cold day, light when it’s dark out and my chair supports me well enough. I love my pens and the feel of my paper, there is a linoleum stamp empty of design waiting for me on my desk. Water for tea is available and I have made coffee. These days may have shortness of light compared to other days and that will change. Things always do. I didn’t do anything to make the day appear. It did as it must. I haven’t thought of my breath for at least a half hour, and that too comes to me without struggle for which I have much gratitude.

So, nevermind history. I love Aristotle but I can leave him be for now. And George Herbert and Marie Curie and anyone else I need to re member can be had on Google or with my library card.

I’m good. It’s a good day. Leading into a good month and with some consciousness directed at what’s right in my world, I can make it a good year.

Why not?