Is Art Fun?

My favorite painting instructor, Tim Harney, used to caution us about the "F" word. He meant "fun."
He was also the most fun and enlightened of people and he was very serious about art in general and his own in particular. I loved being around him because he could put magic into our world with a few strokes of his brush. He loved his brushes, he said he loved them most "beat up." Well-used is another way to say it and I noticed when a brush is used enough to be beat up it demands a steady hand and a firm intention.
While I think that's hard to teach - intention and firmness - it is what I felt in his class and it's what I feel when I look at his art. He understands texture and my love of texture and new ways of painting and being were well nurtured under his tutelage.
I do have fun while I paint and my work gives fun and a playful beauty to those who choose it. 
I love giving color to playfulness and beauty. 
What is it you like/love about art and why do you want to live with/within it?