Get To The Point

The point of time management is not about time. Time doesn’t exist, it’s a synthetic device or tool that we use as a bludgeon to one and all. The worst “one” we put it on is ourself, the very person we are supposedly “helping!”


You might or might not have a habit of beating yourself up about not getting enough done, not being enough or, perhaps when you look on FaceBook, feeling insufficient and insecure. Over what? Is there a list of what’s makes a “good person,” or a “productive person?” Of course there is! And it’s made up by you!


Making things up is great. It’s what we love about movies and books, sports and plays, business and politics. As an artist, I make up stuff all the time. What I make up that isn’t so helpful is different. It starts in my mind. Every cell in my body has what we call mind in it. I notice thoughts and actions I generate have a widely, vastly different origination. What I use to beat myself up or what’s telling me I need more of something is conceived in a vastly different location in my body from where I get the vision for my next painting.


So what’s the point? Well, the point may be different for each of us. What is your passion may or may not coincide with mine. But if we are both playing out our passions then we will have commonality and something to share with each other. That’s a point. If we are living our lives in a coherent way that can satisfy many of our most important hopes and dreams, well, then we have another point in common and we have something to talk about.


If we are treating our bodies with respect and gratitude, as well as those bodies of others’ – then we won’t have any fear of each other. Why would we? There isn’t much to argue about if we position ourselves for love and acceptance. There are so many studies done showing how we as children embrace the new, expect success and accept difference – until we get a bit older. Then we say, “reality kicks in.” What’s the point of that? Give yourself a star for doing something you consider good and beneficial. Don’t listen to hate, you can’t help hearing it but you can stop reacting to it. Color something. Draw something. Look at art. Take it in. That’s what we are here for – to give beauty a chance and a featured place in your life. Moving your body changes your mind!


That's the Point. Do it!